What is CITIROAST coffee roaster?

CITIROAST is a Vietnam – leading coffee roaster. We can roast all kinds of coffee beans of Vietnam from premium roasted coffee beans to lower-graded coffee beans with different quality and pricing. As a wholesale coffee roaster, we focus on export and on delivering more choices of coffee to our esteemed customers worldwide. Our coffee beans are roasted with world’s famous roasting systems by passionate local coffee roaster specialists.

In managerial aspect, CITIROAST is a business division of WSCAFE – a Vietnam’s leading coffee wholesaler. More specifically, CITIROAST is a satellite site (or a nich site) of WSCAFE to focus on roasted coffee beans both wholesale packed in bulk and private label packed in retail packs.

1. From Farm-to-Factory Coffee Roaster.

We are “one-among-not-many” farm direct coffee roasters in Vietnam. That is, we source green coffee beans directly from local farms. That’s why our coffee supply abilities are tremendous as we control beans’ quality at source.

How can we do this? We do this through our business division of trading green coffees named GREENRAWCOFFEE. This division sources coffee beans from famous coffee growing regions across Vietnam. Its main sourcing regions are Lam Dong, Buon Ma Thuot and Pleiku, Central Highlands, Vietnam. It also supplies raw coffee beans of lower grades to some Indian instant coffee makers as well.

After buying unroasted coffee beans from local coffee farmers, we sort the beans and process them into the quality upon our customers request. The best selected coffee beans will be delivered to our roasting sites to make outstanding roasted coffee beans products.

coffee roaster

Citiroast offers most common types of roasted coffee beans from Vietnam.

2. Best selected beans of different grades and quality.

As we also supply green coffee beans, we know what kinds of quality are best suited your demand. With the passion to introduce Vietnamese best coffee beans to coffee lovers across the globe, CITIROAST has eternally strived its best to collect premium beans to contribute excellent coffee cups worldwide.

3. Sourcing – Roasting – Packing in Vietnam.

Why is this important to a wholesale coffee roaster like us? The answer is Vietnam has been risen to be the world’s second largest coffee producer which enables us to approach a very huge source of coffee beans. More than 95% of Vietnamese coffee beans are exported yearly (in number: 1.7 million tons x 95% = 1.615 million tons) are green coffees and; thus, the global demand for Vietnam coffee is tremendous and this is … our opportunity. We simply transform unroasted coffee beans into good roasted coffee beans with world’s standard.

All will be sourced, roasted and packed in Vietnam with world’s standard for roasted coffee wholebeans – always fresh, rich in aroma, good taste, nice-and-tight packing and competitive in price.

4. World’s standard roasting facilities with passionate team.

Our roasting facilities meet world’s standard for roasting system. We roast coffee beans with branded machines such as Probat and Vietnamese premium ones. Our teams are passionate about coffees with sound understanding of world’s local tastes.

5. Flexible orders with private label accepted.

Although we are a wholesale coffee roaster, our required orders are very flexible. You are just forgetting container-sized orders or even tonne-sized orders. Instead of those, a customer can get started with a small order as low as he or she would love to. We can arrange various modes of payment and modes of delivery for customers worldwide.

Talk to us today and have your coffees to be brewed soon!

Comprehensive world’s local taste advice from coffees.mobi

To be always on track on the know of world’s local taste of coffee, we take a very close partnership with coffees.mobi which advises us helpful and valuable advices on local taste of coffee lovers across the globe. This helps us always to be a pioneer on coffee roasting industry to catch coffee fan’s ever-changing gourmet.


  • Address: 27 Ho Van Long, Ward Binh Hung Hoa B, District Binh Tan, HCMC, Vietnam.
  • Mobile/ Viber/ Whatsapp/ Wechat: +84902219192.
  • Skype: citiroast// Email: citiroast@gmail.com// Web: www.citiroast.com