Peaberry coffee is one-seeded coffee bean while a regular coffee fruit will have two coffee beans. Thus, roasted peabery looks very nice as it has an oval-shaped outside appearance. Peaberry, in deed, is a special coffee bean which contributes very unique coffee aromas and tastes distinguishable from regular beans. In a coffee tree, there are not many peaberries and the amount of them are not predictable. And, it is less in quantity that peaberries are more expensive than regular beans.

Our coffee peaberries have a very featured taste. We currently supply only roasted robusta peaberries which have been selected from fully-matured green peaberries.

Citiroast’s roasted peaberry coffees are featured with.

  • High quality green peaberry coffee beans input: we are also a green coffee supplier, so we know which grade and quality match customer’s demand.
  • World’s qualified roasting facilities and techniques: we use Probat roasters and branded Vietnamese coffee roasters to create best roasted coffee beans.
  • Skilled coffee roasters: our roasters master and understand every single coffee bean.
  • Closed degassing process: we possess a special degassing method to maintain richest flavors and aromas of roasted peaberry coffee beans.
  • High quality at competitive price: our coffee quality has been proven by customer’s trust whilst our price is competitive – as of we would like to more coffee lovers closer to the true coffee aromas and tastes.
Peaberry coffee

Roasted Peaberry Coffee roasted by


Our main product portfolio for peaberry coffee beans.

  • Roasted peaberry:
  • Roasting degree: light/ medium/ dark roast or tailor – made roasted.
  • Roasting method: pure/ espresso roast.
  • 100% coffee guaranteed; coffee only – no flavor or foreign matter added.
  • Cup taste: super-bold taste with high caffeinated, after-taste: clean and pure.
  • Plantation areas: Buon Ma Thuot, Gia Lai, Lam Dong, Vietnam. Year of harvest: newest.
  • Product of Vietnam – 100% origin of Vietnam.
  • Packaging options: 1Kg; 5Kg and bulk/ carton of 20Kg.
  • Roasting machines: Probat and/ or premium Vietnamese roasters.
  • Most compatible for: Vietnamese phin filter; French press and espresso machines.

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