What is private label coffee?

Private label coffee in particular and private label in general have been hit new records in world’s production scenario. As the world has already been more integrated, national economies have been more concentrated, more focused and more specialized. This enables production in this country may be cheaper in your country. That’s why private label becomes more popular.

Private label, in deed, is the fact that one product will be made from a to z or fully-labeled in one country with the labels of a buyer from the other country. More simply, the designs, logos and brands are all yours whilst the ingredients inside are arranged by the private label makers. The brand is always yours; thus, you won’t care the loss of it and much further than that, you will be more enthusiastic on marketing it as it is yours. That is all about private label.

With the same understand stated above, private label coffee is all kinds of coffees which are made in one’s factory with the buyer’s name and citiroast’s good coffees inside. As said, we are responsible for the quality and the safety of coffee products inside while the brands are always yours.

Private label coffee

Privatelabelcoffee.info – A leading private label coffee maker in Vietnam.

At CITIROAST, we can make all kinds of roasted coffee beans under your private labels with numerous choices of packaging options. Doing roasted private labeled coffees with us, you will be peace of mind of design and quality and thus, just focus on building your brands and growing your sales.

How does CITIROAST make your private labeled coffees?

We love coffee and have been in the industry for years. As a pro-rated private label coffee maker, we can offer our prospects an all-in-one solution for their own brands from designing, copywriting, roasting, packing and finally getting delivered. Here are regular steps which we get through for an excellent private label coffee product.

Step #1: Finalizing original design of brands and packaging materials with built-in contents and images. If you will have owned one, just deliver a copy to us. If you will not have done it yet, just share us your ideas and our pro design teams can assist you to make it become visual.

Step #2: Proof printing for all packaging materials before real production. We will send a copy of proof printing and coffee samples for final approval from you first to make sure everything goes right.

Step #3: Real printing for packaging materials. All packaging materials with your private label on it will be printed in large volumes and put on hold for real production readiness.

Step #4: Real production. We will packed your roasted private labeled coffee under specific packing sizes and weight as first approval. The private label will follow strictest quality control as every coffee product we produce.

Step #5: Container loading and getting delivered. The complete private label coffee will be loaded onto containers/ truckers to deliver to customer’s warehouse upon customers request via seafreight or airfreight.

How to make your private label coffee with CITIROAST?

As our serious commitment to anti-fake production and anti-copycat products, we do require our customers the following documents/ criteria:

  • Certificate of brand ownership and/ or certificate of brand franchise, etc in the targeted markets.
  • A large enough minimum order quantity (MOQ) needed.

What are current packaging for private label of roasted coffees?

We can pack your private label coffee in different packs and sizes from gusset bags, poly bags, craft paper made to stand-up pouches from 100gram to 5Kgs.

How long does it take to get the shipment ready?

For the first order, it may take time upto 40 days or 45 days depending on specific orders. From second order, it is faster and takes around 20 days to 25 days to complete one container 20ft.