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As world’s main coffee producer, Vietnam has nearly 2,000 coffee roasters nationwide. This is not much surprising because it is very easy for a person to become a coffee roaster in just a few simple steps. In Vietnam, people used to roast by hand before they have automatic roasting machines. Every roaster is proud of possessing their own roasting secret or roasting “know-how” which make their roasted coffees very special.

However, most of them are family-sized coffee roasters, not wholesale or commercial coffee roasters like wscafe. Unlike roasting by hand, we roast our coffees by automatic roasting machines. Those cutting-edge roasting machines help roast coffee beans to have the same quality, the same moisture and the same taste. Wscafe offers most common types of roasting including light roast, medium roast, blonde roast, full roast, dark roast, super dark roast, French roast, etc. or tailor-made roast which create a lot of different tastes and flavors from lighter-bodied or higher acidity, regular, spicy, heavier-bodied, mouth-feel and strong-bodied, etc.

One of the main drawbacks of roasting coffees is its storage during the transportation from the address of the roasters to the buyers. During the long journey on the ocean, the flavor inside the roasted coffee bags tends to be leaked and disappeared. As an experienced wholesale coffee supplier, wscafe packs its roasted coffee beans inside a specially – designed bag which keeps the roasted coffee beans always fresh. Even we do have a one way vent valve for smaller packing size such as 500gram in order to prevent the leakage of freshness and flavor of roasted coffee beans.

Towards a professional wholesale coffee supplier of roasted coffee, wscafe is able to deliver roasted coffee beans at (i) always-low-price, (ii) large quantities needed, (iii) automatic roast by cutting edge roasting machines, (iv) high quality and (v) tailor-made or customized roast.

We focus on those Vietnamese roasted coffee beans including premium roasted robusta coffee beans, gourmet roasted arabica coffee beans and specialty roasted coffee beans such as pea-berries coffee and weasel aroma roasted beans.