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How To Choose A Dog Breed

Consider A Breed’s Size

Dog size can play an important role in deciding which breed is right for you. Size is most important to consider in relation to your living environment.

Understand A Breed’s Temperament

Some dogs get along better with children and other dogs, others are better at guardianship or tracking.

Dog Breeds For Apartments

Biewer Terrier

Has established a reputation for its milder temperament and quieter demeanor. At 4 to 8 pounds, you can easily scoop the pint-sized cutie up with a single hand.


They're born-and-bred companions that exude a playful charm. As for the long coat, Maltese actually shed infrequently.

Steps To Bringing A New Pooch

Take The Tour

Do not let the dog follow you into the next room until you give permission. If you have a backyard, patio, or other outside area, treat it the same way.

The Dog’s Bedroom

Likewise, if you have a special place you’d like the dog to stay when she needs to be out of the way of household activities, take her there.

Tom Hodge

Dog Trainer

Let's be honest. You don't want just any dog. You want a good dog. One who fits your family and lifestyle. We help people find such dogs. We've been training, showing, and writing about dogs for over 5 years.

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